December 11th, 2014

In 2011, 324 beaches of Turkey awarded Blue Flag Krivoy Rog!

Turkey, which in 2002 had only 127 blue flag for the period up to 2011 this number increased to 324. To date, four resorts in Turkey take place after Spain, Greece and France. Blue Flag is a kind of testimony which marked the shoreline and marina on the basis of the highest international standards. This flag in the world is an excellent reference point for tourists. City of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast is an area with a large number of banks, which have been marked blue flag. Besides this area blue flags were marked area bordering Antalya on the Aegean coast. This coast Mugla and Izmir. Buy tours to Turkey in the travel agency "Discovery" from Krivoy Rog today simply, the more that Turkey is a country with a clean environment and pleasant climate.

Total worldwide there are 32 basic standards by which the estimated area before receiving the flag. These standards include the quality of coastal waters, the environmental situation in the area. And the level of infrastructure, security and service levels in the tourism sector. Number of blue flags on Turkey distributed as follows – Antalya 174 flag, Mugla – 73 moisture, Izmir – 28 flags. Buy a ticket at a travel agency in Turkey "Discovery", you can take the shuttle for free in Krivoy Rog airport.