March 24th, 2014

In 2009 will be the first in the world

World's first "parashyutodrom" (for those who are already fed up with an indoor ice rink, ski and sled) opens next year in a shopping mall Mirdif City Centre in Dubai. The Centre is located at the intersection of Emirates Road and Tripoli Road and covers an area of 183.4 thousand square meters According to preliminary data, the mall will be 430 commercial establishments. Novelty is a wind tunnel, in which the speed of 200 km / h air is blown. According to the organizers, it will create a simulator IFly, creating a three-dimensional illusion of flight, speed and hover in the air. Despite the fact that the new game is completely safe, it is still mostly for those who love the thrill. Ease of use allows you to try the principle of "parashyutodroma" anyone. There is no need for special training or education.