September 30th, 2014

How useful herbal baths?

From time immemorial to the present day people from one generation to pass on knowledge about the healing properties of herbs. We do not know who was the first person who learned about such unusual properties of the plant world. Perhaps this discovery was made by chance, and only much later by trial and error, people learned to cook not only drugs but also on their basis to create cosmetics and perfumes. With the development of the chemistry of natural "healers" were replaced by artificial agents. But today people are increasingly returning to the experience and knowledge of their ancestors. That is why today's leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies use, even changed, but our recipes praprababushek. And one of the procedures we have inherited from our ancestors virtually intact, are aromatic medicinal baths. The difference consists only in a fact that the current recipes include not only grass, but aromatic oil. Beyond that, everyone has the opportunity to prepare a bath alone, whereas in ancient times such knowledge possessed only a small group of people. The secret of making therapeutic baths is simple: put in a tuft of grass cloth bag and tie up it to the faucet in the bathtub. And, you can add to the basis (for example, milk or salt) a few drops of natural essential oils, and then the mixture was diluted in water for bathing. The result did not take long: improve overall health, and the skin becomes smoother and the entire body will be a kind of delicate flavor. In addition, experts advise not to linger. For example, while taking a bath can do a light massage hair brush: circular movements massage the body from the feet up (it improves blood circulation). After the bath you should wrap myself in a warm robe or large towel and lie quietly for several minutes.

Noteworthy and other methods of cooking therapeutic baths. So, according to experts, to include the category of exotic bath mixture of hay and dry alpine flowers. Feel the positive impact of such a bath can be either at the resort or in the SPA-salons. And if you do not have this capability, you can make your own mini-tub of hay dust for arms or legs. Experts say that this type of bath is very useful for people suffering from arthritis (acute or chronic inflammation of the joints). However, this method is useful and those who have tired hands after using the computer.

For all its positive qualities herbal bath is not the only way to bring the body back in order. Have a beneficial effect and contrasting dousing – alternating hot and cool water. According to experts, this bathing activates the body's metabolism and trains vessels. Carry out this procedure is easiest, standing under the shower. However, you can enhance the effect. To do this in advance to prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs (such as rosemary, basil, sage or series), and then add it to a container filled with cool water. That is, first you take a regular douche, and in the end poured himself with herbal infusion. After that, experts do not recommend wipe dry. According to them, it is necessary to slightly wet body with a towel and apply a moisturizer.

Besides these properties, a mixture of medicinal herbs used in warming, could help to restore energy balance. And they contribute to the correction of physical and emotional state, affect the subcutaneous fat layer, causing more active metabolic processes in the body fat. That's why such procedures are often overseas to offer SPA-resorts. As an example, "Svedanu." In this case we are talking about soft procedure that affects the steam from a decoction of medicinal herbs on the whole body. To create a sense of peace and openness of a human head with "Svedane" is cool. While the body at this time envelops herbal steam that penetrates deeply and "cleans" it is not overheating and causing him undue stress. According to experts, this procedure improves blood circulation, stimulates sweating, opens the pores of the skin and activates the cell membrane. And also speeds up the process of detoxification (as sweat goes through the skin, it washes away the deep-seated toxins) and fat burning occurs, significantly reduced hips and waist.