July 25th, 2014

How and where to celebrate New Year tourists?

It's no secret that most people favorite holiday is New Year. On the eve of the atmosphere is filled with warmth, smiles, laughter, finding gifts, socializing with friends, waiting for miracles. And how beautiful, kind words people say to each other (and wishes showered on all sides). At this time, even the most hardened skeptic ready to believe in the possibility of happiness, in a joyful future. That is why the New Year meet in all corners of the globe (only here does not always match the celebration). For example, at the other end of the planet this holiday celebrate summer. And, of course, every nation associated with this holiday traditions. For example, in Australia (the most attractive tourist destination) last week of the old year to spend with friends and family. And the holiday is celebrated in the many bars, clubs, hotels, concert halls, discotheques and even on the beaches. Not surprisingly, these locations in New Year's Eve is always crowded. And as soon as the bell strikes 12 times, all together start to make noise, buzz in the pipe, beat drums and wish each other a happy New Year. Do not be bored and outdoor enthusiasts. New Year's Eve, they can get out on a picnic or camping, surfing or other water sports. Celebrating a New Year lasts until Christmas (January 6). According to statistics, every year on New Year's holidays the country is visited by over 300,000 people.

Recently, the best city to celebrate the New Year in Sydney found that bypassed even cities like New York, Edinburgh, London and Paris. Traditionally, the New Year's Eve with the Harbour Bridge launch more than 80,000 fireworks. This fireworks show was rightly recognized as one of the most impressive in the world. But it all begins with a 9:00 pm (when the organizers of the event, and children's fireworks). Moreover, fireworks visible at a distance of 16 km from Sydney. New Year atmosphere complement musical compositions. And when gunfire salutes subsides begin beach parties' departing ships.

Their New Year's party is famous among tourists and Melbourne. New Year's Eve (which meets most of the residents on the beach) play rock band, dancing to the music that people of all ages and generations from different corners of the globe. Tourists also protruding from the New Year's Eve in Melbourne, did not avoid the Sino-Australian rituals. By visiting this magical night in Melbourne's Chinatown, you can get an unforgettable experience. They will be delivered by Chinese ancestors sacrificial ritual that is practiced with great enthusiasm and dedication. Imagine eighty people sneaked 92-meter Dai Moon (Great Dragon). According to legend, touching it promises great fortune. This Chinese tradition since the founding (1979) adhere to all local residents, regardless of their origin. Should also be noted that all Asian ceremonies promise good luck in the new year. It is for this reason that in Chinatown New Year's Eve, especially crowded and noisy. These rites produce themselves Australians of Chinese descent, but only do it at home (in a relaxed atmosphere).

A huge number of young people on the New Year's celebration gathers Sydney Luna Park. Besides attractions, visitors can enjoy performances and hundreds of street artists, including Brazilian dancers. In addition, the park there are bars where live DJs. Entrance tickets sold already begin in October and cost about $ 90.

Another favorite place to celebrate the New Year thousands of Australians and tourists is the legendary beach Bondi Beach. Santa Claus arrives here on a personal bright surf. Should also be noted that Santa Claus costume (in accordance with the climate) is also slightly modified: the tanned body – beach costume, like overalls, and his head covered with a red cap with a pompon.