September 26th, 2014

Holidays in Bulgaria and a ban on smoking in public places. Holidays in Bulgaria from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

Bulgaria to the beginning of the summer season passed a law banning smoking in public places. In the list of public places were bars and restaurants. In addition to the beginning of the summer season in Bulgaria is forbidden to smoke in the summer theaters and during different events. The airport retained partial space for smokers, and smoking is not allowed on stations. Spend about tdyh in Bulgaria from Krivoy Rog can with Discovery tour company that offers various special tours.
Bulgarian MPs passed the law unanimously. All for a ban on smoking 90 MPs. 8 deputies of the Legislative Assembly abstained and 9 people voted against.

Among the opponents of the new law are the owners of bars and restaurants. Cause of dissatisfaction is to reduce the number of customers, which consequently affect the profits. Restaurant owners expect growth of bankruptcies and rising unemployment. According to restaurateurs, their industry is still reeling after the previous law, which obliged them to share space for smokers and nonsmokers. However, Bulgarian lawmakers believe that demand this law seriously affected. Tourism in Bulgaria is unforgettable, despite all prohibitions. Going to Bulgaria from Krivoy Rog, you can order a ticket (one-way) travel agency Discovery