February 2nd, 2014

Hersonissos restore the scientists for their own money

Recently, scientists from the reserve Chersonese, without waiting for the help and support from the authorities began their own money to rebuild the medieval Donjon tower in Balaklava. There is a legend that it was here once lived a dragon that brought wealth and happiness. And in July 2008 the tower collapsed. To date, the main instruments are the restorers Donjon ax, shovel and trowels. Furthermore, stones, from which they are re-constructing a wall, as well as 700 years ago, taken from the pit to the other side Balaklava bay. According to the organizers of the project, high-grade cement is almost the only modern material for restoration. And it's probably only because in ancient times, in the construction of the cement used in place of bone glue, which was obtained when cooked fish or fish waste. Then it was added to the lime, and on this basis, with the addition of sea pebbles were doing masonry.