September 13th, 2013

Global warming, what will happen if the ice will melt?

Glaciers in West Antarctica are losing their mass by “unusually fast” rate.

Massive iceberg B-15A – about the size of Luxembourg, broke away from the mainland, and destroyed air and water flows in the Antarctic.
Accompanied by a pod of orca whales in the western Antarctic iceberg.

Penguins on the free-floating iceberg: the main impact will be for the animals living in the Arctic

The blue tower of the iceberg above the ice flow off the coast of Antarctica. Scientists worry that rapid thawing Antarctic ice could mean drastic increase in sea levels.

Giant tabular blocks of ice seen in the Gulf of Vincennes. While researchers have many clues to explain the rapid melting, the exact cause is still unknown.

This iceberg is on the rocks near the colony of penguins in Antarctica.