May 2nd, 2014

Gimmick on your desk: surprised and amazed!

Thirst for the unknown all the time leads man into the world of secrets and mysteries, in the world of new sensations, forced to commit more and more new discoveries. Moreover, it applies to all human activities: science, medicine, technology, literature, music, and even cooking. All the variety of animal and plant foods, which is on the territory of our country, and that every day we include in your diet, is our national cuisine. But that's the whole trouble is that we are already used to it, but at the same time, the thirst for new sensations remained. So we begin to strive to get acquainted with the national cuisine of other countries, an environment that will create an entirely different flora and fauna, and, respectively, and another variety of dishes. Moreover, all these dishes for us to one degree or another are exotic (there are several fruits that on the territory of our country have long ceased to be exotic, as we used quite frequently, such as banana or pineapple). But the question now is not about them. And that our body at any time of the year (this is especially noticeable in the autumn and spring) requires large amounts of vitamins. But in order that they do not last in your life (especially exotic fruits), it is necessary to know what exotic fruits bring true pleasure as their right to choose and use.

Funniest of tropical fruits – rambutan (Rambutan) and looks like sea urchin. He himself is the size of a walnut, grows in small clusters of trees. His hairy skin is painted in bright red and green. However, it is not pricked (unlike the present hedgehog needles). Beneath it hides an incredibly juicy, sweet white flesh and seed – edible, but tasteless. In order to prepare the fruit for consumption, it is necessary, primarily, to cut it. You can do this in two ways. Men prefer to open the fruit sharp twisting arms (hairy peel bursts and easily depart from the flesh). Ladies also use knives: an incision is made along the central circle formed by the top cap is removed. Thus, access to the edible part becomes open. Rambutan rich in vitamin C and calcium. Local residents, among other things, make him canned.

Causes considerable surprise tourists Dzhekfrukt. The fact that it is the world's largest fruit that grows on a tree. It reaches 90 cm in length and weighs up to 30 kg. Numerous conical segments covered this quite thick fruit. Inside the fruit is divided into large fraction containing yellow fragrant sweet pulp, consisting of juicy fibers. Novice can indulge in tasting flesh because of the very bad smell coming from the rind Dzhekfrukta. But it is not quite the right decision, because the taste is slightly reminiscent of cut fruit banana and pineapple. With this fruit razdelyvaniya best cope man. Before starting the recommended grease hands with sunflower oil or wear rubber gloves because the surface of the fruit contains latex adhesive. Try this unusual and exotic fruit can also be acquiring it at market stalls throughout Southeast Asia. Ripe fruits are eaten fresh, make marmalade, jelly, candied. Unripe fruits are used as vegetables – they are boiled, fried and stewed. Fully ripe slices of pulp can be frozen and stored in the refrigerator. Such popularity is so abundant and variety of dishes and cooking forms no accident. This fruit locals appreciate for what it is a source of potassium and vitamin A.

And finally, another exotic fruit that requires enough attention. Locals (and they are Malaysians) its national fruit is described as: "It smells like hell but tastes – a paradise." It is about durians (Durian). It is a large, approximately 30 cm in diameter, green fruit with a hard rind and barbed. Moreover, the definition of Malaysians in this case significantly by 100% since the fruit has a disgusting smell, which is sometimes described as a mixture of rotten onions, cheese and turpentine. This fact has even served as a pretext for what in some countries of Southeast Asia came to make fruit prohibition in public places, transport, including commercial aircraft. However, despite this, it is one of the most favorite treats in Malaysia, a favorite dessert from local residents. Before enjoy its taste, a connoisseur of exotic fruit fruit knife limited butchering, release from the skin and yellowish flesh will cut it into pieces. While some culinary publications to knock resistant "flavor", recommend steeping Durian. Popular beliefs attributed this unusual fruit rejuvenating power. And because of their taste Durian features earned the nickname "King of Fruits".

However, in pursuit of the unexplored sensations do not forget that one of the disadvantages of exotic products is that they can cause allergies. So on vacation should not immediately rush to the exotic, better to wait a few days so that the body has adapted to the terrain and its food. At this time, you can use the familiar fruit: watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple. Only then it is recommended to try fruit but not in large quantities and on several pieces. In this case, doctors advise to conduct continual observation on his body. Receiving exotic foods can be increased only if the 24 hours had no ailments.