July 20th, 2014

Germans laugh with Crimea and Sevastopol Krivoy Rog!

Klemsens Hofmann, German author tourist guide in Ukraine, which will be released in January 2010, said the bad quality resorts in the Crimea.

Hofmann said that for the traveler in Ukraineochen hard drive somewhere, very little road and street signs written in Latin letters.

"We have to constantly decipher what is written there, even in the most frequented places …. On the way to Livadia absolutely no useful signs, for example, where parking and so on. Due to the lack of notation, unfortunately, have to keep silent about the famous Marble Cave at Chater-Dag "- he said.

About the most Crimea, including resorts, Hofmann admitted that it was a unique place, especially South and East Coast. Only on the coast of the Seas is barbaric buildings and a lot of garbage. He called "barbaric stop building coast seas do garbage collection, which left fans picnics."

Also, the expert was surprised and what Ukrainian experts on tourism, especially the hotel business can not attract tourists. "Call now and try to book a room in July and August, no discount will not give. They think that money will flow the river always, but it is not so, for the tourists must fight, as do the Turks and Egyptians, "- said the expert.

And in one of the hotels of Sevastopol, around the "buffet" run five people and suggests a useless procedure, corrected cutlery, con saucer streamline location rolls.

"At the same time, an omelet that they do there, it's just nasty chemicals, they make it from what – then powder-powder, mixing it with water. It is tasteless! The most simple – take one of these women, it is useless moving between the tables and put her normal fry fresh fried or scrambled eggs to order visitors, "- he said.