April 22nd, 2014

Further fate has been solved

Recently, media exhibit unexpectedly increased interest in so-called "Aachen collection", which is stored in the Simferopol Art Museum. The reason lies in the fact that the alleged claim to own a collection of Germany. And the reason for such a claim actually exists. Recently, the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that the results of the study (about 60 were studied paintings of Western European art masters XVI – early XX) found out that they had belonged to Suermondt-Ludwig-museum German city of Aachen. And this summer in Simferopol opened the exhibition, which presented these paintings, but with reference to their former identity. But despite this, according to the Ministry of Culture, this collection of paintings is owned by Ukraine, as during World War II has been moved to the territory of Ukraine and is partial compensation for losses caused by the occupiers. This statement was made by the representative of the Ministry of Culture with reference to Article 11 paragraph 3 of the Law of Ukraine of 21.09.1999 N1068-XIV On export, import and return of cultural property." A November 18, an official meeting with representatives of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine. The result of this meeting was the approval (on both sides) the fact that the collection now become available to the general public. In addition, representatives of the Embassy assured that no claim to freehold collection and expressed the hope that the Ukrainian side, in turn, will provide an opportunity for experts Suermondt-Ludwig-museum inspect said collection in order to confirm its identity.