May 24th, 2014

From October 26 to add 25 additional destinations transit flights

Two days ago (October 26) entered into force on the second stage of the agreement between the leading national air couriers "El Al" and the world's largest U.S. carrier American Airlines. As a result, the number of passengers who want to visit the place of your dreams, increase. The reason for this was the opening of 25 additional areas of transit flights. Now, with the transit ticket "El Al", you can go to Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, San Jose, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Honolulu, Montreal, and many other cities. At the same time, left and former transit routes in Chicago, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas and Washington DC, where you can go to the transfer, as well as direct routes "El Al" on the North American continent: New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.
"Cooperation with the national carrier American Airlines creates maximum comfort for passengers from both Israel and with the North American continent because it provides them the opportunity to stay comfortable in almost any place on the map, and the transplant can be accomplished as the ocean, and in Europe, where there is opportunity to also stay for leisure or business meetings ", – says deputy director of" El Al "Sales and air liaison Rami Levy