June 2nd, 2014

Four year old boy won a tropical island Krivoy Rog!

Four-year resident of Taiwan and seven members of his family are entitled to four months to enjoy the white sandy beaches and blue waters of one of the uninhabited tropical islands in the Taiwan Strait. Ex Chien-wei on Thursday won a major lottery prize. Under the terms of the lottery will receive exclusive rights to use a small piece of land in the Taiwan Strait during the period from May to September.

Penghu archipelago authorities gave the boy food, drinks, water and electricity, writes reuters.com.

"In the Penghu archipelago many islands, and since there is water and electricity, someone will be able to fully enjoy the pastime here," – said the representative of the Department of Economic Development District Lu Yan-chang, explaining why the island where there is a small house, was offered as a prize.

Penghu, consisting of 64 islands famous for its beautiful beaches and widespread variety of water sports.