November 30th, 2013

For tourists in Seoul earn special taxi Krivoy Rog!

In March next year will Seoul taxi especially for foreign visitors. The purpose of this innovation – help to attract foreign tourists.

When a foreigner comes to a country, a taxi driver – it is often the first local resident, with whom he directly confronted. It's no secret that communication with the taxi driver is one of the main difficulties during their stay in Korea, if you do not know Korean, well, at least just a little, then explain to the taxi driver will be very difficult – Korean taxi drivers, with rare exceptions, almost do not speak English, not to mention other foreign languages. For this reason, sometimes it happens that the driver refuses to carry foreign carriers, which ultimately has a negative impact on the tourism image of the country.

According , new drivers will be able to communicate with taxi passengers on one of the four established foreign languages – English, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish.

New taxi for foreigners in Seoul will work on call. Taxi will be through non-stop call center operators who will also communicate with customers in foreign languages.

Foreigners will be able to call a special taxi to wherever they need, and make it a trip like a conventional taxi, or rent them for a certain period of time – for three hours, five hours or the whole day.

Services such taxi will cost, of course, more expensive – about 20%. Between the international airport "Incheon" major Seoul hotels and taxis for foreigners will run on fixed tariffs.