December 3rd, 2014

Extreme tourism: how to be rude and how much will it cost? Krivoy Rog!

Do you get tired rest easy! And want to get acquainted with local traditions, laws and police. Then remember what to do.

In Singapore by e chew gum

Chewing gum, bird feeding, spitting and not flushing public toilets may result in trouble for you in Singapore.

In Thailand, drive a car without a shirt

Tropical heat can make you take off your shirt in your car. Be careful, it can cost you $ 10!

Try to kiss at railway stations in France and England

In 1910, the romance died on the French railway stations. Since the law on platforms forbidden kiss.

In the UAE during Ramadan on the street make a picnic

If you are traveling to the United Arab Emirates during the month of Ramadan, be careful. The food on the street in broad daylight can cost you dearly. You can even be in prison for it.

In Moscow, try to ride dirty car

In Moscow, you can write a fine for what your car is not clean enough. What should be considered a dirty car? It is unfortunately unclear. Anyway, be careful, or prepare $ 100 fine.

In Canada Pay with fines

Some would say that the money – it's always money, but in Canada it is not so. Pay a penny is prohibited. Of course, fine you for it nobody will expose, but to refuse to sell the product for a little money can.

In Italy, feed the pigeons

Venice is forbidden to feed the pigeons. So if you get caught on the St. Mark's Square for feeding pigeons, the minimum fine is $ 50-60. But be careful – sometimes the penies can reach $ 600.

In Germany, stop and walk around the Autobahn

If you ran out of gas on the autobahn, in Germany you actually outlawed. For itself stop you pay $ 100 fine, and if you decide to get out of the car to fill the car, the authorities will have to pay another $ 100.

In Denmark, the Czech Republic and turn off lights

In Denmark and the Czech Republic, you always have to leave your car lights included, no matter how sunny day turned out.

In Grenada, walk in swimsuit

Located on the beach in a swimsuit Grenada allowed. However, be careful if you want to walk in this way on the beach. Walking in a bathing suit in the city can cost you $ 270.

And now to pick and choose what is best.