September 19th, 2014

European hotel rooms cost decreased by 50%

The global financial crisis, affecting all sectors of human activity, and touched the hotel business. For example, to date, almost all hotel hoteliers forced to reduce the cost of hotel rooms by 50% (and in some cases the figure is even higher). However, this extreme measure allowed most hotels do not be completely empty. According to experts, lower prices always occurs at the beginning of winter. But until this year, this figure was 5.10%. In addition, many analysts have predicted last month even closing entire floors in many hotels. Such a measure would, in their opinion, was designed to reduce costs hoteliers maintenance of vacant rooms and other facilities. Therefore, the current measures to attract tourists to the hotel on the date were considered unprecedented. In addition, at a recent exhibition in London, World Travel Market, Europe's largest tour operator Thomas Cook has also called for lower prices. And this, according to the head of the agency Manny Fontenla-Novoa, provide dense hotel reservation not only for the coming winter, but in summer 2009.

According to the study, the price of hotel rooms in the biggest drop in Amsterdam, Prague, Paris and Dublin (and this is not surprising, as a listed city, by tradition, are the most attractive for tourists). Also reduced the price of rooms from 75 to 43 dollars and the British chain of budget hotels Travelodge. However, and this is (as it turned out) is not the limit. According to preliminary data, it became known that in the spring of 2009 in 15 cities in the UK Travelodge hotels are offering rooms for just 13.5 dollars.

Reduced prices are also affected and cruise lines. This was reported by The Telegraph. Already, many cruises can be purchased for one sixth of the original cost of the package.