December 27th, 2014

During the trip, the best safe for your savings will be socks.

Going on a trip in the summer, we often do not think about where we will store acquired by overwork money. This happens for several reasons. First, each of us on this issue has developed certain habits (for example, to keep money in your wallet …). Second, a situation facilitated the emergence of credit cards, as their appearance is no longer necessary to carry a stack of dollars, enough to leave a few hundred on the road, as in all countries can find a cash machine. But, a credit card must also be securely stored as a lost credit card, you can withdraw money as easily as cash from his pocket.
There is also a way of saving money, which, unfortunately, has not been studied by scientists, but which everyone knows. Even a first grader knows that the best safe – it's socks. The truth is here and minuses. For example, is not very convenient and hygienic to put money into the sock, as they surely will interfere and get wet. To avoid this, you can put on each leg two socks and put the money between them, but then, I'm afraid the ice cream saleswoman will long to pinch your nose after when you reveal to them his wallet.
But humanity is not static, it is constantly evolving. So, today for $ 17 from the online store you can buy Safety Central travel socks. They got their name because in one of the socks have a pocket on the closing "lightning." "Lightning" – plastic, so the inspection will not squeak. In a secret pocket sock can put money, keys, passport and credit cards. "You can wash the socks in the evening and in the morning, they will already be dry. But, for example, in-store Solutions same, only more beautiful, socks already available for $ 25. Well, how can you not remember the old Russian saying: "Necessity is the mother of invention"?
A couple of years ago, shoe company, which became famous for being the first to build in the beginning of the standard your shoes opener for beer, was a model of beach slippers with built-in safe. Now this model somehow disappeared, but there were sneaker with a capacity of the sole, where you can pour 100 grams of whiskey. However, according to many people, this need very much questionable. But, despite this, the analogs can be purchased now. For example, on there sandals from a Chinese company ArchPort. In the left sandal stored removable wallet that can be easily removed, for example, when making a purchase. In the right – contains storage capacity amounts bigger. Worth 42.45 dollars pleasure.
Among the extraordinary safes issued by the company, and sneakers are with integrated wallet. This is stored in the sole of the safe can put keys, credit cards, cash and travel safely, or, for example, to engage in the fitness room.
Also, to date, and possible option of saving money on your head. So, for example, there are baseball caps with built-in concealed pockets – in the visor can store keys, and in the side pockets the money. But unfortunately, they are not available commercially. While you can search counterparts in the online stores.
To include original methods and keeping money in the laptop. If it has a slot for PC-cards, for $ 8 you can buy a secret PC-card, which can be hidden credit card, cash or keys.
A few more words about the useful updates on the road. If your tastes diverge over drinks with the tastes of a loved one, do not despair. Since there was already a new invention Swedes. Referred to as double thermos – on the one hand poured tea, the second coffee. Covers two-cups too. Thermos worth 390 kronor ($ 55).
Or here's another invention, invented specifically for women. In order for your companion does not get lost in the labyrinths of an unfamiliar city, invented scarf printed on it with a city map. Can be used to decorate a favorite, but you can look at him the way. Already available shawls card Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, New York, Washington and San Francisco. Shawl worth $ 65.