September 21st, 2014

Dine on the tree, visit a new restaurant in Auckland

Well, one of us in childhood did not climb trees? And to have a tree house was the limit desires any boys. Probably about this at one time dreamed of and creators unusual and luxurious restaurant in Auckland New Zealand (Auckland). But to fulfill their dream they could only many years later. And now, at an altitude of 10 meters above the ground is built around the trunk of the sequoia institution Yellow Tree House. According to experts from the architectural bureau Pacific Environments Architects, the idea to create a restaurant they drew in nature. This confirms himself look amazing restaurant that resembles butterfly cocoon, spun around the trunk of a 60 meter high tree. Despite this, the room is designed for 18 people, plus restaurant workers. But toilets and kitchen area are located on the ground level. It is reported The positive aspects include the fact that you can dine in the restaurant not only in good weather. From heavy rains save acrylic sheets, hooked up "cocoon". A unique atmosphere for a romantic dinner creates natural light.