November 10th, 2014

Determine the most eco-friendly resort

Award Estidama Sustainability Award, as the most eco-friendly and friendly to the environment to tourism, resort has received Six Senses Hideaway, located in a secluded bay Sigi in Oman. This fact is all the more prestigious and honorable, given that the premium Estidama Sustainability Award, despite the fact that he had long been established the Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi (UAE), was given this year for the first time. However, by the organizers, in future awards Estidama Sustainability Award will be awarded to applicants on a regular basis in four categories: protection of the environment, the economy, social affairs, culture. As for the first prize winner, the Six Senses Hideaway resort really has a very caring attitude towards the environment. The fact is that during its construction were used mainly natural, completely recyclable materials such as wood, sandstone, vine. In addition, the resort owners have made sure that it was designed system of natural ventilation and sun protection, energy-saving technologies were widely used by cleaning and recycling of water. A significant role in the decision of the jury has played, and the fact that the owners of the resort on a regular basis a portion of the proceeds to invest in a variety of environmental projects. To date, Six Senses Hideaway is rightly considered one of the best resorts for winter recreation. And there are my reasons: five hundred kilometers apart from the beach, protected bay on one side of Zygi, on the other – Jebel Hajar Mountains, the resort is located 79 pools, and a spa, restaurant and other infrastructure. Despite the peculiar design decision (villas are stylized in the fishing village), the comfort level is consistent with global standards.