July 26th, 2014

Deep tourism, what is it?

Why do so many of us prefer to spend their holidays traveling and not lying down on the couch, staring into his eyes, "blue" screen? Probably because for a long time, mankind involves the discovery of new mysteries and puzzles, to the knowledge of the other and unlike his own, and life. While traveling, we partake of the spiritual traditions of our ancestors, to unlock the secrets of ancient civilizations and mentally overcome, the century era, learn a deeper understanding of your inner world, feel the indissoluble unity of man and nature.

However, for those who are tired of the bustle, the flickering outside the window, albeit a comfortable bus, a kaleidoscope of cities, there is always a journey. Yes, that's right – with a capital letter. We are talking about a deep tourism, ie travel with meaning. However, this concept is broader than the one that you can hear from the organizers of trips to exotic destinations and adventures from the agency. And the first difference is that there is no in-depth tourism guide, that is, not in the conventional sense of the word. Guides in deep tourism – a specialist in a particular area: the historian, anthropologist, archaeologist, cultural studies, and not just filled with background information guide. That's why it can provide not only interesting, but also more complete information about the culture, traditions, customs and beliefs of the country, where the journey. However, there is here and its rules. For example, with respect to any national cuisine, or in meetings with native culture you will not find no tinsel, no external pretense.

Perhaps that is why this type of tourism today is widespread. As for the most popular forms of deep rounds, then they can be attributed to the non-tourist areas of the expedition: to remote (often difficult) seats. The purpose of such a tour is to meet the thirst for new knowledge in the conduct of activities in receipt of adrenaline … The basis of travel may lie as historical events and myths, epics, ancient traditions and legends – located on the Arctic Circle country Hyperborea or mysterious Shambhala . The diversity of tours is so great that deep insights into the different categories of most tourist travelers. For example, just over 2,000 rubles will cost you a trip to the Tver and Novgorod regions along the route of the ancient trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." A bit more expensive (3,000 rubles, excluding flight) will manage a trip to Peru to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.

And in May, will be held in Nakhchivan cognitive extreme expedition "In the wake of November 2005." Organizer of this tour is the orientalist and journalist Andrei Polyakov. By the way, he did a study based on literary monuments and important results of previous trips to the area of Mount Ararat, and put forward a number of hypotheses concerning the location of Noah's Ark and the fate of the progenitor of the human race renewed. In this tour, together with a group of researchers and scientists, as well as some climbers can participate and actively traveling Russians, who have become boring trodden paths.

And according to the general director of the club of travelers "Wind of Freedom" Catherine Adityarovoy, natural and lively environment for deep tourism are the Latin America, Africa, Asia, Polynesia. However, it is also true that the cost of such travel is high. But, according to the tourists themselves, the game is worth the candle. After all, for example, in Peru the same can watch the interplay of seemingly incompatible things – a huge network of settlements and archaeological exotic, which are connected by underground tunnels extended. In addition, choosing this kind of travel, tourists will not only witness the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Nazca geoglyphs desert – huge images of birds, monkeys, spiders, and geometric shapes, which you can see only a bird's-eye view, but also go through the shamanic rituals of purification spirit, as well as learn the basics of Amazonian medicine.

As another example, consider Cambodia. This route is interesting for tourists in the first place, because that is where there is the largest ever to exist on Earth ever temple complexes – Angkor Wat. Additionally, you will be able to see wild elephants (their natural habitat), freshwater dolphins. A guide will acquaint you with the necessary local tribes, whose way of life over the past few centuries has not changed. In addition, gourmets can join the local food (try the palm serves beer, fried tarantulas and tincture … by Cobra). And those to whom, and that is not enough, send manually (using picks and shovels) to produce sapphires.

A visit to China, travelers can see the life of the monks living in the mountains, do meditation in a Buddhist monastery, and see the Great Wall of China, in its true, neotrestavrirovannom form.

And to ensure that every member had the opportunity to tour with the comfort of this type of tourism, according to the organizers, the main long trip often preceded by a short trip. The purpose of this trip is to enable participants to adapt to each other, and learn or improve skills camp life. For example, wishing to visit places of Asian expeditions of the great Russian painter, philosopher and traveler Nicholas Roerich, for a start will be offered a training trip to Russia with the mandatory ezhevecherny discussions, book discussions Roerich, E.Blavatskoy.

If you can not find anything in the proposed stages for yourself, then the organizers can develop a personal tour (ie a tour on request). However, for this you need to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the trip.

Today the popularity of tourism is so great (besides growing) that it gave rise to the creation of the Association of deep tourism. This organization pursues a number of objectives. Among them: the realization of global research projects, as well as the desire to enrich the new discoveries of science and culture.

In conclusion, I want to say that there is nothing impossible, and see the most extraordinary places on earth and everyone can. To do this, you only need to have the courage to go on a journey. And the reward for this is, of course, will not only new knowledge but also true friends who share your desire to explore the world in all its beauty and diversity.