July 10th, 2014

Created the first island-palm

Not so long ago, the grand opening of the first artificial island off the coast of the United Arab Emirates ("Palm Jumeirah"). About two thousand guests witnessed such extraordinary events. Man-made island of peace and luxury "Palm Jumeirah" ("Palm Jumeirah") is located along the waterfront opposite the Jumeirah "Dubai Internet City," a 30-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. This was reported by "Deutsche Welle". And it has come to lie on the coast 100 thousand km. On the creation of "Palm Jumeirah" for 7 years worked about 40 thousand workers. In appearance the island actually resembles a palm tree with 17 branches and consists of "Crescent" ("The Crescent"), "Crowns" ("The Crown") and "trunk" ("The Trunk"). So, according to the creators, "Crescent" serves as a barrier that surrounds and protects the "Palma". That it will be located hotels known hotel chains, built in different styles – Brazilian, Venetian, Japanese, etc. As has been said before, "Crone" is from 17 branches, rushing into the sea and forming 17 secluded neighborhoods. And its branches are built exclusive villas of various sizes and designs. As a result, everyone can get to the "Krone" villa of one of the available types: "Signature Villas", "Garden Homes" and "Town Homes". But the central part of Palma is called "trunk". It will be in parks, shopping malls and restaurants. And multi-storey residential buildings (Shorline Apartments), where you can buy one-, two-, three-and four apartments with a sea view or scenic water canal running along the center "trunk".