April 1st, 2014

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New Year – a celebration of all people. And as you know, the holiday must prepare in advance. Will you be at home in front of the TV or a vacation in another country – you decide!

Toward the New Year holidays desired vacation place or permit to be filled will be quite expensive.

Those who want to spend New Year's Eve cheaply in Europe can go to Austria, Hungary or Poland. Bus tour to these countries would cost between 110 – 120 euros per person.

The price of the New Year includes: bus transfer, hotel accommodation, breakfast and health insurance.

A little costly to the New Year in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and the UK. It will cost the rest, at least in the 240-380 euros. And it's a bus pass and with air travel can cost almost twice as much. The rest period in European countries from 5 to 7 days.

Those who want to celebrate the New Year under the palm trees, can take rest on the sea.

For example, over the new year holiday in Egypt you will have to pay $ 380 per person.

New Year's Eve in the United Arab Emirates will cost less than $ 520.

New Year's Eve on the beaches of India, Thailand to Sri Lanka will draw from 850 to 1200 dollars. The price of the 7-day marine recreation includes airfare, accommodation, food and health insurance.

Among the cheap ski resorts, you can relax in the resorts of Poland and Bulgaria from 110 to 160 euros, will be more expensive Slovakia from 330 euros. New Year's Eve in the Austrian Alps will pull at least 560 euros per person. As you all know, the traveler must still have money for a visa, tours, souvenirs and food – that's at least as much as the voucher is worth.

You can also order Christmas tours in the Carpathians for three days.