December 30th, 2013

Carinthia – Austria lake symphony

In the southern part of Austria, between Mount Grossglockner mountain ranges and Karawankenwald Tauern, located in Carinthia. Capital of Carinthia – Klagenfurt, known primarily for its romantic old town.

Carinthia – Austria amazing lake land – not for nothing is considered “Austrian Riviera”. About 2000 hours per year over Carinthia sun shines, and the crystal clear waters of this land of a thousand lakes, hot mineral springs, and first-class service make it so attractive for lovers of relaxation and comfort.

Each Carinthian lake its own unique flavor.

Wrthersee – the largest and most picturesque lake. Water temperature warms to 28 C. It offers guests a range here of the various proposals from first-class hotel to a quiet private guesthouse, from yachting to golf and tennis. Nightlife at the resort is rich in its discos and bars, and especially gambling can try their luck at the casino in Velden.

Situated in the west bay of the lake, among forested ridges of the Alps, the resort Velden is considered one of the most luxurious places in Carinthia.

Symbol of the elegant resort was once the hotel and its famous guests – Duke of Windsor, the former Empress Soraya and Hollywood star Kirk Douglas. Now feldensky castle became the seat multi Gunter Sachs.

“Yes, it Wrthersee virgin territory, there are in the air tunes, so be wary crush one of them” – said Johannes Brahms, who came here many years writing music. About this time resembles a small house composer and Bramsovskie annual week of music.

In Velden from July 1 to August 31, the festival runs yuzhnokarintiysky Villarcher Fasching c carnivals, concerts and street festivities. Casino, expensive restaurants, concert halls and boutiques rub shoulders with more democratic cafes, shops and youth discos. The resort attracts tourists from around the world and is a favorite center for meeting celebrities.

Approximately half an hour from the north of the Wrthersee capital Klagenfurt located Hohostervits fabulous castle. Due to its beauty castle served as a model for a fairytale castle in the Hollywood cartoon “Sindarella.”

Milshtetter See – the second largest bathing lake of Carinthia. It is famous for its picturesque beaches. And though it exceeds the depth Wrthersee, water temperature it is very stable. Climate on its northern shore is most favorable, so here is the famous resorts – Seeboden Millshtat and Debrian. Richness of nature and historical heritage of ancient towns around the lake provide an excellent opportunity for cultural and outdoor activities.

Ossiacher See, the third largest lake in Carinthia (11 km long and 1.6 km wide), located in the very heart of it. The lake water is warm in the summer to 25C.

The lake is ideal for family holidays. You can not just splash around in the warm water, but also desire to take any kind of water sports. Ossiacher See famous fish stocks, which makes it attractive to anglers. Cultural program, held during the festival “Carinthian Summer” also lets you indulge.

To the south-east of Villach stretched Lake Faak. The region has a reputation as “the purest Alpine region” and its unique landscape lake is well known throughout Europe. On its northern shore resorts Egg comfortably settled, and Faak Drobollach. In Drobollahe there is a hotel that accept only families with children – a sort of hotel-kindergarten. For motorists equipped with a spacious campsite.

The lake is located halfway between Vienna and Venice, which opens up a great opportunity to tour routes. The region is ideal for numerous walks, mountain climbing, rock climbing, bike rides and horse riding.

May be impressive bike ride along the river Drau. Many private castles, located on the “road Rozentalskoy locks” pose a lot of surprises, such as a wax museum and wildlife park in the castle Rozegg or gallery in the castle Eben.

Lakes region of Faak Ossiacher See and close to Bad Kleinkirchheim, a popular recreation center.

The warmest bathing lake in Austria – Klopaynerzee, and its water is so pure that it can drink. A large number of promenades and hospitable cafe make the lake a popular holiday destination. Outdoor enthusiasts waiting for the perfect opportunity for surfing, horseback riding, tennis and golf. A walk to the lake Turnzee – refuge of birds, to the ancient Celts dwelling on Mount Hemmaberg, “expedition” in the cave robbing, attraction “Tarzan” – a jump from the highest railway bridge in Europe.