January 29th, 2014

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Recently opened in Istanbul "Museum of Innocence." The museum was created on the initiative of Orhan Pamuk, who is the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The museum presents the exhibits, which the writer collected for decades. Most of the exhibits now was purchased in antique stores.
Create a museum, which would be told about the realities of the past, the writer decided 15 years ago. Thereafter, Pamuk wrote a novel called "The Museum of Innocence". Tours in Turkey from Krivoy Rog, which offers a tour company Discovery is not only beach and the sea, it is also interesting historical and cultural monuments that can be visited in this country.

The writer himself said that his museum is not majestic. The museum exposition
is dedicated to the lives of ordinary citizens from 1950 to 2000. Earlier, he said that the museum plans to put his paintings.

Above the museum project Pamuk worked with a group of architects, artists and designers. To visit this museum you can order last minute to Turkey in Krivoy Rog in a travel agency Discovery tickets from Krivoy Rog aeroport on June 6, 2012. Writer on this project worked with a group of architects and designers.

Recall that Pamuk won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2006. He became the first Turkish writer who won this award. His novel was published in 2008. Russian language "Museum of Innocence" was translated in 2009.