June 3rd, 2014

Bus tours from Krivoy Rog to the Festival of Italian ice cream in Florence Krivoy Rog!

Florence will be ice cream festival, which will attract all lovers of this delicacy. The festival will be held exhibitions, fairs, and will be tasting different kinds of ice cream, which represent different manufacturers. Guided bus tours from Krivoy Rog for all visitors to the festival will help to issue a travel company Discovery .

Venue for the festival was not chosen by chance. According to one version of the ice cream was invented in this city in the 16th century. Culinary Ruggeri introduced the fashion for sorbets at dinner parties of the rich Florentines.

Cook, a part-time trader of chickens took part in the competition for the most unusual dish of cooked and frozen dessert, which surprised everyone. The fame of the unusual dishes spread throughout Tuscany and when Catherine de Medici became the bride of Prince Henry de Valois and went to France, cook went along with it with some of the best chefs.

The festival will be held from May 23 to 27. At the fairgrounds can try different varieties of ice cream, from traditional to exotic. Tours to Europe from Krivoy Rog tour company offers number 1 in Krivoy Rog "Discovery". Guests will have the opportunity not only to appreciate the taste of delicacies, but also learn what foods and drinks combined ice cream.