April 16th, 2014

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The British Camp Celyn ABC camp

(Poltava region, p. Klyusivka)

Language holidays – it is fashionable, interesting, fun and useful. You want your child to overcome the language barrier would feel confident in a language environment, made new friends, but at the same time, are not ready to send it to a distant foreign trip? Then Celyn ABC-camp – this is what you need!

British language camps Celyn ABCcamp – is a children's holiday with the English language in Ukraine. Training is conducted by highly qualified teachers from the UK company Ardmore Group – one of the largest providers of linguistic and educational services in the UK.

Location: Celyn ABCcamp Vorskla – is located in the resort area of the Poltava Oblast (Novi Sanzhary Village, District Klyusivka). Surprisingly mild climate, pine forests, waters and healing the Vorskla River Novi Sanzhary water can call it one of the best places in the country.

The training program has been specially designed Ardmore Language Schools for foreigners who come from all over the world to relax and learn the English language summer camps for children in the UK. Education is based on the principle of "Zigzag": standard course – 14days. In the first week of classes in classes held before lunch and ctivity – program – in the second half of the day. In the second week before lunch – a ctivity-program in the afternoon – the lessons in the classrooms.

Activity – the program is carried out exclusively from the UK animators of Ardmore Language Schools. A healthy sports activities, art, science fun day sightseeing tours, activity – the program creates all the conditions for the child disappeared language barrier in communicating in English.

Conditions: 2, 3, 4 and 6-bed rooms renovated, shower and toilet on the floor as well as in each room. Each room has a wash basin. Cold and hot water round the clock. Modernly equipped classrooms create all the conditions for effective training.

Infrastructure. Total area Celyn ABCcamp – 7,0 hectares surrounded by a pine forest near the river Vorskla. At the camp has its own equipped sandy beach. At the camp there are 3 bedroom duplex housing (2 of which are superior), an educational building, a dining room with a movie theater, office building. Mass events, theatrical performances and evening movies are held in the concert hall with a professional stage with a capacity hall – 300 people. At the camp is also an outdoor area for football and volleyball courts and an outdoor mass gatherings, clubs and activity of – Activities.

Educational building consists of 6 spacious classrooms equipped with special desks, blackboards, and computer class (5 PCs) with access to the Internet.

Dining at 5 single, balanced: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, light dinner before going to bed (juice + baking). Children eat in their own dining camp.

Medical services. At the camp infirmary is located, which are on duty around the clock pediatrician and a nurse. Also in the camp psychologist works to which the child can go at any time. With the parents of each child is a contract of insurance against accidents.

Security. Territory Celyn ABCcamp guarded round the clock specialized security unit that is being monitored. In the building fire alarm system is installed. When bathing children in a river in compliance with all security measures are under constant control leaders. Without exception, all teenagers need to carry out fire safety rules as well as rules of conduct on the water. Children are not allowed to leave the camp unaccompanied strangers refused entry to its territory. Responsibility for children bear camp staff who work with children.

Communication with parents of children. During the training sessions and activity – Measures use of telephones is strictly prohibited. Parents can contact the children after the training and entertainment program on a mobile phone – a special phone that is in camp, or on a personal cell phone child, but to take to camp personal mobile phones is not recommended. You can visit a child any day after the classroom and extracurricular activities.

Trasfer. Delivery of children in the camp is carried out by w / a moving and / or bus.


May 30 – June 13

June 6 – June 20

June 13 – June 27

June 20 – July 4

June 27 – July 11

July 4 – July 18

July 11 – July 25

July 18 – August 1

July 25 – August 8

August 1 – August 15

August 8 – August 22

August 15 – August 29


Case number 3: 1 week -4,000.00 USD. Minimum check-in – 2 weeks (8000.00 USD).

The case number 1: 1 Week-3250 Rs. Minimum check-in – 2 weeks (6500grn).

The cost of the training program and include the following:

1. Full board

2. Day training program – 15 hours per week.

3. Daytime activity – sports and other activities.

4. Diverse and exciting evening programs.

5. 2 day trips to historical places.

6. Admission and discharge tests.

7. Hand-learning materials that students use in the classroom and leave themselves after graduation.

8. Presentation of a certificate after passing the course. Each child after passing the final test certificate is issued Ardmore Language Schools (British model), which reflects the results of his academic achievement.

9. Accident insurance.

Celyn ABCcamp – an unforgettable vacation for children with learning English. We invite children from 8 to 16 years to spend a fun and rewarding vacation in the British language camps in Ukraine.

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