March 6th, 2014

Bombay (Mumbai) –

The largest of the cities of India, its southern gate and the largest port. The capital of Maharashtra, which was built on the islands, the most important business, industrial, commercial, financial and cultural center of the country, and more – the focus of monstrous contrasts exist alongside wealth and perfect poverty, without any transition, Bombay is one of the most famous film studios in the world. And the city itself is often called the "Paris of Asia" because it affects, first of all, is its non-Indian appearance. Together with Tokyo Bombay (Mumbai) is the most populous city in the world.

India – fantastic country and culture which has more than 5000 years. Her philosophy, religion, historical monuments as attractive as it is incomprehensible to other cultures, they also transform India into the country of fairy tales, so I want to know which is closer. But it is almost impossible to comprehend, since each of its staff, each city are unique, have their unique features, but at the same time add up to a picture of perfect harmony.

Among the most famous metropolises of the country dreams – Mumbai, recently worn so familiar to Europeans known as Bombay. Its history goes back about 470 years.
It started from the moment in 1534 the Sultan of Gujarat agreed to cede seven useless Portuguese islands. New owners, in turn, in 1661 presented them as a wedding gift to Princess Catherine of Braganza on her wedding day with the English monarch Charles P. In the same year the British government has handed over the territory, which has not yet found application in rent East India company. The price was ridiculous: 10 pounds of gold per year …

The company decided to turn this place into a major port, and in 1853 from Bombay to Thana was laid on the subcontinent first railway line, which was held along the causeway that connected the island and the mainland. Colossal land management project was completed in 1862, and seven separate islands have become integrally connected by the same dams. Their names were in the names of certain areas. All large fens were drained, and later fell asleep, and large areas of the sea between the islands. The result was a narrow artificial cape that cross lagoons, rivers and swamps.
It stretches along the coast near the center of the coast of the Arabian Sea. Since the city started moving steadily to the rank of the largest metropolis.

In 1997 he returned to his old Bombay original name – Mumbai. It comes from the name of the Hindu goddess Mumba Devi, worshiped by the local fishermen – Marathi. Famous temple dedicated to her, still surprises visitors. However, now we can see it in the reconstructed shape. Generally, during its existence, the city changed its name four times, but familiar to Europeans is still Bombay. This word, apparently, is of Portuguese origin. "Bom Bahia" – "good bay": thus spoke of the island chain is hosted here in the XVII century, the Portuguese. When more than a hundred years, the British came here, they have changed the name of the already well-established, and then the light appeared proper Bombay. But after the end of colonial rule, it has become politically incorrect name, so that today, whether we like it or not, Bombay disappeared from maps. Well, it is true, when the dust of centuries extracted the daylight unjustly offended ancient names that ancestors bequeathed to us.

Today Mumbai – the most important commercial, industrial and financial center, the largest port in India, the capital of the most economically developed states in the country. But the city is associated primarily not with industrial or commercial giants and … with amazingly colorful, with plain plot unconditionally predictable, but still extremely attractive Indian movies. They are indispensable attributes of song, dance, love and hate, tears and laughter, tragedy, complicated intrigue and happiness. And the mandatory punishment for wickedness. It is here in Mumbai, is the center of the state film industry – "Hollywood Indian." Here removed absolutely fantastic number of films per year – from 150 to 700, – on which the whole world crying.

More bands does not produce the screens, no other film company on the planet. Visiting the local film industry has become one of the most popular entertainment among foreign tourists. Attitude to cinema in India extraordinary. To get a complete picture of it, you need to visit a local cinema during the show tapes with another movie star in the title role. The first thing you will encounter – a terrible crush Street in front of the theater would be literally stuffed with cars, motorcycles and people, and the entrance to it will protect the police cordon, armed with bamboo sticks and carbines of the last century. But even if you are the proud owner of the ticket and were able to get into the room, quietly watch the movie you will still fail. Appreciative audience will sing songs piercing