May 3rd, 2014

Behemoth at the Museum USA Travel agency Krivoy Rog!

In the U.S. city of Portland, Maine appeared International Cryptozoology Museum, dedicated to the mysterious creatures that inhabit our planet.

Although the International Cryptozoology Museum was founded in 2003, its own premises, he found just now. However, shares its premises Museum bookstore specializing in books about the supernatural and science fiction, whose owner and provided the necessary space for the exhibition.

Cryptozoology – this area of research devoted to the purposeful search for animals whose existence has not been proven either, or considered impossible in this area at this time.

All exhibits, among which 2.5 meter 250-pound mock Sasquatch, sheltered in the house of the founder of the museum – cryptozoology Loren Coleman.

The Museum of Cryptozoology is not a permanent exhibition every three months, it will change to always offer visitors something new and unusual.