April 3rd, 2014

Bears began dropping fur Krivoy Rog!

Unexpected phenomenon occurred in the German city of Leipzig Zoo, where female spectacled bear bald.

Leipzig Zoo staff still can not understand what has caused the strange state of the animals, however, argue that life bears no danger.

Two bears Dolores (15 years) and Lolita (11 years) have become completely naked. From their thick black fur on the body were only small pieces.

Despite the fact that Dolores and Lolita without fur and do not look presentable, the interest of visitors to their aviary after baldness has grown considerably.

Because of fears that the animals may freeze in the winter without the coat, zoo staff intend to move them indoors or provide additional heating enclosures.

Help: Do ochkovytogo bear massive body with short limbs and a short tail. The head is large, with small eyes and ears. Coat of spectacled bear shaggy, black or brownish tinge, except for large white markings around the eyes (hence the name "spectacled") and on the chest, very changeable in form, but in some individuals, nonexistent.

Spectacled bear – the only South American bear. It inhabits tropical rainforests, savannas and mountain areas up to an itude of 4000 m above sea level.