January 23rd, 2014

Austria – a description of the country

Austria – Central European country, is situated in the picturesque eastern Alps. Austria today is kind of a tourist mecca, combining popular summer vacation for tourists who love to visit historic towns and villages of the country, to climb the slopes of the picturesque peaks of the Alps and admire the magnificent scenery from a height, and the increasingly popular winter holiday Austria is winter-tourism capital the old world (and perhaps the world), its ski resorts are known far beyond the locals.

Mountains and lakes, beautiful city with a rich history, picturesque, as if drawn, landscapes, Central European castles, palaces and monasteries; varied national cuisine, rich and interesting traditions, friendly and hospitable locals, as well as theaters, opera, concert halls – all this will make your stay a memorable one in Austria and you want to come here again!

Austria attracts crowds of tourists and luxury treatment palaces and park ensembles of Vienna and Salzburg, unique scenery of mountain lakes, the water in which an unusually clean and clear, small resort towns, multiple-healing thermal waters.

Tourism in Austria gives unlimited possibilities for spending holidays throughout the year: the great variety of cozy valleys, sheltered by mountains, a mild European climate and unspoiled wilderness to imply here Spending your holiday.

Summer and spring vacation tourists prefer to spend in the valleys and warm crystal clear alpine lakes, so much favorable to a measured and relaxing family vacation.

In winter, ski Austria becomes European capital and a huge number of tourists comes here to not only enjoy the beauty of its alpine peaks, but to conquer them. Ski resorts in the country known to the whole world.

The Republic of Austria

Capital: Vienna
The political system of a democratic republic
Administrative divisions: nine federal states: Burgenland, Vienna, Upper Austria, Zaltsburgerland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Styria.
Population: 8 million people, 20% of whom live in Vienna.
Language: German (official). Most workers in the tourism industry understand and speak in English.
Religion: Catholicism (78% of the population)
Holidays: January 1, January 6, February 26, March 14, April 13, April 16, May 1, June 4, August 15, September 8, November 1, December 8, December 25, December 26.
Area: 83,850 square meters. km., bordered by Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. 75% of the Eastern Alps occupy more than 10% in Austria – high plateaus, more than 900 peaks, the height of which exceeds 3000 m
Climate: extremely diverse due to the mountainous terrain on the slopes of the Alps winter – mild and summers – hot. In the highlands, the snow lasts 7 – 8 months.
Skiing conditions all ski resorts are equipped with snow cannons, so skiing is guaranteed in any weather. Here, as nowhere else in carefully tended pistes, tamped snow, which is important for the safety of ski equipment. Skiing is easy and secure.
Time: behind Kiev at 1:00.
Money: currency – the euro.
Tipping: maintenance costs in the restaurant or at the hotel are included in the bill. However, tipping at a rate of 5 – 10%.

Great success enjoyed by Austrian winter resorts. "The heart of the Alps" Tirol is famous for its magnificent stunning in its beauty mountain valleys. With the birth of skiing Tyrol is considered one of the most popular winter resorts in the world. Ischgl is considered one of the best alpine resorts and is famous for its apres ski. Feature of the resort are the underground escalators, which is particularly useful given that the resort itself is located on several levels. St. Anton am Arlberg – a world famous resort with a long tradition of winter sports center and the Austrian Alps. It often rests the world's elite. All ski resorts are equipped with snow cannons, so skiing is guaranteed in any weather. Here, as elsewhere, carefully cared for pistes, tamped snow, which is important for the safety of ski equipment. Skiing is easy and secure.

Traditionally, Austria is famous also for its healing springs. A rare opportunity – to combine winter sports and health-building, toning treatments offer some Carinthian resorts. Austria ranks third in Europe in the organization of improving rest and quality resort infrastructure. The main natural factors are here in the first place, the mild climate, healthy mountain air, a variety of thermal waters (sulfur, iodine-containing, radonosoderzhaschie, salt), radioactive radon galleries, silt and mud of different mineral composition.