July 28th, 2014

Australian resort announced next month in March of sexual freedom Krivoy Rog!

Australian White Cockatoo resort in Mossmane returns to practice sex parties and beckoning to her swingers to increase the flow of tourists.

The resort has launched an advertising campaign announcing the next month March "sexual freedom." The resort is located near the Port Douglas in north Queensland.

"Hard times for the economy requires removal of all restrictions – said Mr. Fox, the owner of White Cockatoo. – We decided to take the bull by the horns and doing our uphill – we have almost no empty seats. "

As the TourGenius.ru , three years ago, the resort oslavlenny as the hottest area for swingers Australia, introduced a ban on "Swing". This happened in response to a series of scandals involving "uncontrolled" sex parties.

According to Mr. Fox, since he created a strict set of rules for the ordinary nudist season, but because it's time to lift the ban. Nevertheless, the local bishop James Foyle warns about the negative consequences for the short-lived chase profits.