October 17th, 2014

Australia looking for wishing to live in a smart house Krivoy Rog!

In Australia, looking for a family that wants to live in a "smart" home.

The house is located in the former Olympic village in the state of New South Wales and gets all the energy from the solar panels and fuel cell that converts natural gas into electricity.

According to Energy Minister John Robertson state, "we are looking for a family who has a good sense of humor and a fair amount of patience, because not all the technology in the house will work properly on a regular basis. It's like the famous show "Behind the Glass", only without the cameras. "

Wishing family, willing to live in this house should be telling the blog. Furthermore, the fact that they will be home, and they will have electric, LED TV, as well as provide access to a technology that allows you to control lights and appliances in the building with a laptop or iPhone.

On his impressions of the family should budetProtsess selection process will be completed in April or May of this year. Submit a request to participate in the project please visit our web site www.tenderlink.com / energy.