July 13th, 2014

At the station, Warrington found a place for kisses Krivoy Rog!

British Rail station at Warrington town signs "Kissing smoking" will be replaced with new ones.

Recall that a ban on kissing was introduced a few weeks ago. Manual station explained their decision by saying that couples express their feelings interfere with the movement of persons between the train station.

"However, some people have embraced these tablets too seriously," – said the employee Virgin Trains. Representatives of the transport company, said that signs "Kissing forbidden" was an ironic message to the passengers or overly enthusiastic farewell meeting with their loved ones.

Signs "forbidden kiss" will be replaced by new ones, writes Lenta.ru. Instead of tablets they will sign "Kiss me quick" and "Kiss me longer." The first variant of tablets will be installed on platforms with a large number of passengers, and the second version – in that part of the station where the train before departure are longer.