July 1st, 2014

Armrest in an aircraft may cause injury Krivoy Rog!

One passenger of Northwest Airlines in the U.S. complains armrest on a plane that allegedly caused the damage.

58-year-old Detroit resident Kathy Kuhn sued the airline. The plaintiff claims to have been injured in the knee when during the flight tried to climb over the armrest. Woman wanted to transfer to a middle seat in the cabin, but the non-retractable armrest prevented to do so.

The ill-fated flight took place on the Detroit-Michigan-Las Vegas in 2007. Then the airline Northwest Airlines on the trouble and cemented Kathy Kuhn place in the middle row.

According to the woman, armrest not cleaned during the desperate attempt to get through to her place she "paid with his knee": damaged joint of armrest, tourist was forced to spend an entire vacation in Las Vegas on crutches.

Male victim – Gail – confirmed that his wife used his crutches to navigate the "Sin City".

Moreover, after returning to his native Eastpointe woman had to do surgery on his knee.