October 9th, 2014

Appeared first Korean hotel

Recently Lotte Hotel Seoul, one of the hotels of the WORLDHOTELS, made history by becoming the first Korean hotel has dedicated an entire floor of the weaker sex. Since 2007, the main building was reconstructed Lotte Hotel Seoul. The project involved four well-known design firms engaged in hotel design: SOM, Wilson & Associates, HBA, and Babey Moulton. As a result, each floor of this amazing hotel is decorated in its own style. 22 floor of the main hotel building, dubbed the "female floor" includes club lounge area and 22 rooms (21 suites and 1 suite). Floor is the main theme of nature, with a focus on details such as flowers, trees and forest. Absolutely all rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi and hair dryers. But that's not all: in the rooms, guests will find cosmetics from L'Occitane, towels and slippers are of different sizes, natural drinks and small box for personal belongings. This level of service, of course, can not gain popularity among the fair sex. Lounge area on the women's floor is framed as a library. Selection of books is quite wide: here presented 800 books on cooking, fashion, travel, architecture, beauty, and interior design. Therefore, the organizers, not unreasonably assume that lounge area takes a lot of beautiful women minutes and thereby acquire gained popularity. For those who do not get the pleasure of communicating with the book, the hotel management offer to visit the specialty stores where you can get information about movies, musicals and concerts. But the renovation of the hotel today remains unfinished: hosts the third phase of construction work. Luxuriant, elegant and fashionable space created Wilson & Associates. In creating the interior decoration was also involved famous French florist Christian cake. According to the organizers, the hotel will celebrate the opening of the floor "women's week", which will be held in early December, March and June. Kind gift for all guests visiting the hotel during this period, a special coupon will be visiting procedures for nail care and a bouquet of flowers from Christian cake.