December 23rd, 2014

Alien tourism: the aliens are visiting the UK Krivoy Rog!

The other day an armada of orange lights flashed swirl across Britain and went to the Netherlands. Eyewitnesses have no doubt that it was a UFO – Managed alien spaceships.

More than a hundred objects were spotted on Sunday in two areas of the UK – Merseyside and Lincoln.

On Sunday, 54-year-old engineer Paul Slight photographed strange objects on the camera of your mobile phone, seeing them in the skies over Lincoln around 22:30, when riding a bicycle home after meeting with friends.

"At first they were 26, they seem to have played some sort of game – chasing each other and darted in different directions – says Slight. – Then flew seven, they moved the group. After about five minutes they hang in the air a moment, and then disappeared. "

A few days earlier mysterious heavenly lights seen by the inhabitants of Cambridge. UFO witness claims that the fireball was big as a house, writes to Pravda.Ru

Cambridge resident Scott Boswell, who served ten years in the army, says he has seen one orange lights could not be related to the aircraft. "They did not publish the slightest sound," – he says, stating that in his life seen a lot of weather balloons and also would be able to identify them in the eye.

A resident of Lincoln explained the mysterious phenomenon. According to her, the lights in the night sky – it's Chinese lanterns, which were launched during an evening reception in honor of her wedding. "They looked wonderful, and I hope all enjoyed the spectacle" – explained the happy bride.