January 13th, 2014

Airline China Eastern Airlines mistakenly sold tickets for $ 3 Krivoy Rog! Discounted tickets to Turkey, last minute tours to Turkey, holiday in the Crimea, rest on the sea, rest on credit, foreign passport.

Airline China Eastern Airlines flight about three due to an error in the computer system sold at a price of 20 yuan (2.92 dollars). Some of the tickets were sold in the first-class cabin.

Said the general manager of "East China Airlines" Liu Shaoyun, the company is ready to take the losses and allow passengers to board even with a ticket for less than three U.S. dollars.

Leaders airlines China Eastern Airlines ordered to call all customers and offer them compensation of 100 yuan, "about $ 14) for returning a purchased ticket for a ridiculous price. Many buyers are going to meet airlines, because otherwise the price difference will have to cover those of its employees who are responsible for the mistake.