October 12th, 2014

173 people for 6 hours could not come down from the ferris wheel

Dec. 23 stopped the world's largest Ferris wheel in Singapore. As a result, about 173 people for 6 hours were between heaven and earth. Experts suggest that the cause of the accident was a power outage. Whatever it was, only a few hours with the help of ropes rescuers managed to pull down all the victims. It should also be noted that the Wheel 'Flyer' cost of $ 171 million is considered to be the largest in the world, as 28 passenger cabins can accommodate up to 28 people each. As reported by Sky News, 'Flyer' raises curious to 30 meters higher than the Ferris wheel in London and reaches a height of 165 meters. Also it should be noted that since its launch in February 2008, technical problems arise on that wheel for the third time.